Together with a good friend of mine, we developed a special birth announcement card for my baby girl. The Cliche to deboss the girl’s Name was cut out from acrylic Glass. Which withstand the pressure on the manual printing press pretty good. We where able to make some 200 pieces without losing any sharpness. To give it a girly look and add contrast to the raw feel of the cardboard, the Edges where covered in a solid layer of acrylic neon paint. On the back the few basic information where added by a single color screen print.
The Ambigram was designed by A. Göldi.

anyoukchaertli-4.jpg anyoukchaertli-2.jpg anyoukchaertli-3.jpg anyoukchaertli-5.jpg anyoukchaertli-6.jpg anyoukchaertli-8.jpg anyoukchaertli-9.jpg