… born in the closing 70ties. In a small Town located at the toes of the Swiss Alps. Raised to become a Space-Engineer in the Lego  Universe. At School i got introduced to paper and pencil. Ever since then, it was hard for me to focus on class stuff – the never ending «Space-Wars» on my desk, demanded rapid improvements of Battleships, Aircrafts and Tanks, yeah especially Tanks…

The enduring conflict didn’t only improve the tanks, no it laid a base for my drawing skills. At some point peace was restored and the beauty of Nature grew over the rusty Tanks. So my drawing skills went beyond the battlefield. And it was the beauty of nature that inspired me further on. Organic shapes, colors and Type started to enlarge my horizon.

I took an apprenticeship as a Sign Painter (Actually, the last of its Kind in Switzerland – after i finished, this Education was renamed, restructured and drifted further towards digital publishing). After my Studies i never really worked on the Job – since then i do all Kinds of Work related to visual communication. From Hand Lettering, everyday life Graphic-Design, Signage, Web-Design for small Businesses to Exhibition Concepts.

In the End of 2014 i passed an Exam from an advanced technical audit called d:d. As part of the successful outcome  i can officially claim my eidg. dip. Graphic-Designer HFP degree!